obaketyan (obaketyan) wrote,

Arin's English

Couldn't help wondering - Arin makes progress so rapidly!
We started 2 weeks ago. By that time she had been able to say Hello!, Good by!, to count up to 5 (Kids' Zone), to say and translate Take him away! (Muzzy) Off we go! (Muzzy again) she knew piglet, a dog, a clock, a cup.
So she knew some words and phrases, which she never or rare used in every-day life.

Now... well, now the situation is quite different. Sometimes she starts speaking English. For example, when I ask her to count something she demands to specify the language :) Though she had been able to count in English previously, she would have never thought about it. Now the language seems to become a part of our life.
Yesterday we went to my parents-in-law. Arina's grandmother gave her a kid's set of dining-room furniture and different plates and dishes. Having played enough with all the items Arin invented another game - she made up a train from the chairs and started singing "Teddy's train! Teddy's train! Chuf-chuf-chuf".
And there are other examples. Honestly I didn't expect that :)
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