obaketyan (obaketyan) wrote,

Off we go!

We have completed the first two units + introductory unit. Next week we have a break. Tomorrow we are off to the lake of Baikal for skiing, taming my snowboard and simply having rest. At last!
Arin is doing great! The last class we played the game "My under-the-table house" ;) She made there a little cosy house and had some guests, they - knock-knock-knocked to the door, she (all by herself) invited them "Come in!" and so on ;)

Las week I wrote to Darren to thank him again for sending me the Teddy'sTrain teacher's book. It seems so that I have started a fruitful cooperation. He was very glad to hear from me and promised to help me with my kindergarten job. Though the question of the empty vacancy is stil unsettled I've started active preparation: borrowed some relevant books in the British councel library, made a wishful list of items i'd like to buy or download, bought 2 picture dictionaries for the age of 2+ and 4+. I have some certain ideas on the issue. After coming bacl will try to formulate them.

I've also completed and sent back the translation of the letter from the Spivakov's Foundation to the GenevaWorld Foundation. If they like the translation they'll make me an offer (I hope for part-time or doing-at-home work)!

So the week was saturated with positve english-orented events. I hope it's a good sign.
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