obaketyan (obaketyan) wrote,

at work

The worst thing ever at work is when you have to stay in the office having nothing to do and pretending you're busy or at least you are not using Internet for your private affair, which i'm surely doing now. As I'm a new employee I'm not in charge of something durative, but have to solve certain local problems like fixing bugs or extending the packages for converting data, and other things like this. When finish, i wait for the next problems redirected to me from "elder comrades" busy with some "seious problem".
On Wednsday I unexpectedly completed the job. They haven't thought I would manage to complete the task so soon and were greatly surprised but still ... today is Fridday and i have not got the things to do yet! That's killing me.
Moreover, a co-worker came to me and told me that i would work on the project with him soon, when i would have done the current task. I told him: I've DONE it ALLREADY!!! He paused for a while in amazement and quitely suggested not talking about it and asking for 3 more weeks for that task. THREE WEEKS!!!! What am I supposed to do for three weeks?! Pretending I'm busy? With what? Oh, I guess I am in for a deep depression :(
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