obaketyan (obaketyan) wrote,

my work

It's wonderful that i have not mentioned it at work that I have an English version of LJ as well. It's going to be the place where I can write down everything concerning to my work and my colleagues in detail without doubts ;) But hence the posts have to be in English.

First of all, I'm so lucky that i don't know people who prepare templates for me... They are lucky too, BTW. Otherwise i'd kill them. And eat them.
Secondly, I'd kill some more people in the office, whom i know well enough to take revenge on.

But all in all I like this place so much! I like being here, working, writing some stuff which then is tested by testers (i can kill them too!) and then is included in the next release, and then is used by students and unstructors all over the world.

The only thing i really hate is that work makes me forget about my kiddy, my darling. Which in its turn makes me feel guilty :(((
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