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perceive music

Valera turned out to have the 2nd part of Michael Flatley, which included the best track, my favourite track I had lost years ago.
On listening I suddenly realised that I was able to enjoy the music again, I mean, I was able to cry :) I remember I used to be, but my pregnancy averted me completely from listening to any music. Even the most favourite tracks had suddenly lost the ... dimension? Became flat and unimpressive. Or rather I lost the ability to follow the tune and "watch" the instruments like .. like individuals? Yes, I'm sure now that I perceive the music as a room where different voices almost visible are talking, chatting, murmuring, shouting. I'm not sure but it seems to me that this image had been installed in my mind long before I tried the psychedelic (OK, I did it once but that was useful and interesting). But when I did I saw it clearly at once, that I'm "watching" the music.
When I got pregnant most of my mind was carried away by the new life inside me and I can't afford paying much attention to any outside things. So music voices had died, I stopped hearing them. It seems that now, when at last I've sent my daughter to kindergarten I can say Hello! to them once again :) HELLO!!!!! :)))

Recently I've had a discussion with my paragliding instructor about music. He says that music helps him to concentrate on his work (not instructing the students I suppose :)) I said I couldn't listen to music when I had to concentrate but I failed to explain why.
Because music fills all my head! It settles down there and lives! It's everywhere, there is no room for thoughts or images other then connected with it!
This concerns only the tracks which move me. But if they don't then what would I listen to them for?
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