obaketyan (obaketyan) wrote,

oracle partition. handmade.

I've almost finished a project which seems very important. Last year the customer refused to pay for standard oracle decision for splitting large tables (partitioning). We had to create something similar on the java-application side. It works and there's expected a serious improvement in data processing at least for new data. Now we are waiting for stress-test result.
I did most of the job all by myself. Though the idea how to split these data wasn't mine, I investigated it thoroughly and found a general decision which should help us a lot when the next splitting demanded. On the application side i did my best. On the database side there wasn't much job and we did it together. I'm glad it's almost over and that would be really very interesting to watch the result.

Will I get any feedback? In terms of career I mean.
The problem is that in IT a woman has no right to make a mistake. The lightest bug is a serious failure if made by a woman. Is that the specific of Russian IT?
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